How to Profile a Serial Killer

In the dead of night what thoughts run through the mind of a serial killer?
What drives them to kill?
And, how can we spot the tell-tale signs of such a fiend?

There are answers awaiting your dark questions…

Dr. Glenn Wilson, one of Britain’s leading psychologists, has years of experience in forensic psychology and has been involved in many high profile cases, such as helping to convict the Brighton Strangler and Fred West’s wife Rosemary, and the acquittal of Colin Stagg (who was wrongly charged for the Wimbledon Common murder).

Dr. Wilson has also been a scientific advisor and expert commentator for several TV series, such as Vic Reeves Investigates, Jack the Ripper (ITV), Inside the Mind of a Serial Killer (Investigation Discovery) and Stalkers Who Kill (CBS Reality).

Join Glenn for a talk unlike any other!

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